Finnish editorial team mentored by US Forbes managing editor with 17 years experience - Tom Post
Global Editorial Acumen – now in Finland.
  • HELSINKI (June 1, 2017) – Forbes Finland announced today the appointment of Tom Post, as editor-mentor – being the key person behind editorial success of global Forbes USA.
  • Forbes is very contrarian player in Finnish media market, we propel entrepreneurship, courage and risk taking.
  • The qualities from journalists required to meet such ambitions goal requires detailed understanding how global business functions, ability to dig inside into local business models and have courage with opinions and advises to our readers – all together it is call investigative journalism. This is a message and positioning we have brought to Finland, alternative view for forward looking Finnish business people.
  • In the end of January 2017 we have invested in boot-camp in Helsinki – brought experienced US editors to train young Finnish team on both how to analyse businesses and structure convincing writing of international quality. This young, ambitious team is lead by Jaakko Levola, with multiexperience in journalism and during the last 5 years international start-up involvement in Switzerland.
  • While young team was on training – we have recruited PR Agency Kaiku Helsinki and Jouko Marttila, to help us jump start and meet the deadlines. The launch was successful, and with Jouko involvement allowed young Forbes Finland team to be fully trained and prepared making Forbes – you can see their result inside fresh issue “Start your own Business”. Jouko remains our ally, who believes that Finland could go over the “entrepreneurial recession’’ and Forbes will take a front seat initiating this change. Jouko will write as a co-writer in the future.
  • Finnish editorial team is being supervised by probably one of the most renowned and experience business press editors in the World, Mr. Tom Post – who has been for the last 17 years managing editor of Forbes USA.  He will ensure that in Finland there is Forbes sharpest editorial quality comparable to New York, Singapore, or Tokyo, preparing local entrepreneurs to drive change and growth not only in Finland but be ultra competitive internationally. Tom Post being at training in Helsinki and meeting business decision makers in Finland has written a very contrarian column how he sees Finnish entrepreneurial culture now, and what needs to be done to improve it “Where are the sons of Mannerheim? “http://www.forbes.fi/online/missa-ovat-mannerheimin-jalkelaiset/   This column has resonated so much that we receive 20 feedbacks on this a day – that leadership and change are very needed to create more new companies and move Finland from being 59 out 61 country in propensity to entrepreneurship in global ratings.
  • Last week Forbes Finland has launched a Beta version of online – portal www.forbes.fi/online It will be converted into full-fledged business news portal in the Autumn 2017.
  • About SK MEDIA Finland
    SK Media Finland is part of publishing group SK. It has been publishing Forbes in Baltic countries since 2010, starting from Latvia, where Forbes magazine has reached the world biggest circulation per 1 million populations. SK Media Finland – will launch Forbes in Sweden in 2018 and in Norway in 2019. Forbes Finland has been launched on 28th of March of 2017 with a circulation 70,000 copies, in Finnish.
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    Forbes Media is a global media, branding and technology company, with a focus on news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and affluent lifestyles. The company publishes Forbes, Forbes Asia and Forbes Europe magazines, as well as Forbes.com. The Forbes brand today reaches more than 94 million people worldwide with its business message each month through its magazines and 37 licensed local editions around the globe, Forbes.com, TV, conferences, research, social and mobile platforms. Forbes Media’s brand extensions include conferences, real estate, education, financial services and technology license agreements.
  • Media Contacts
  • Fredrik Nars, Senior Vice President, SK Media Finland Oy, Tel + 358 50 5947534 f.nars@forbes.fi
  • www.forbes.fi